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Job Safety and Health: It’s the Law


South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Compliance

Policy GBGD Workers’ Compensation
Issued 7/11

Purpose: To establish the basic structure for employee assistance through workers’ compensation insurance.

The board of trustees provides workers’ compensation insurance coverage through the South Carolina School Boards Insurance Trust for all district employees. Volunteers who are not employees are exceptions to this policy.

The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law is designed to provide medical and monetary benefits for an employee who sustains an accidental injury arising out of and in the course of his/her employment. The law provides medical care to bring about the earliest possible recovery from the injury, a percentage of wages and salary lost during the injured employee’s disability, and, in case of death, compensation for the deceased employee’s dependents.

Under the Workers’ Compensation Law it is the responsibility of the school district to provide medical treatment for employees injured on the job. School employees must use those providers specified by the employer. Designation of medical treatment providers will be made by the school district in consultation with and upon the recommendation of the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. The refusal of an employee to accept any medical, hospital, surgical or other treatment when provided by the employer will bar such employee from further compensation until such refusal ceases unless, in the opinion of the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission, the circumstances justified the refusal.

When an employee is absent from work as a result of accidental injury arising out of and in the course of his/her employment, available sick leave and annual leave and workers’ compensation benefits can be coordinated to the extent that such leave and benefits are available.

Every injured employee or his/her representative will immediately, on the occurrence of an accident, or as soon thereafter as practicable, give or cause to be given to his/her principal or immediate supervisor and to the district office a notice of the accident.

Adopted 7/11/11
Legal references:
S.C. Code, 1976, as amended:
Section 42-1-10, et seq. – The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law.