Classified Employee Evaluation

Policy GDO Evaluation Of Support Staff
Issued 7/11

Purpose: To establish the basic structure for evaluation of support staff to ensure accountability.

The development of a strong, competent support staff and the maintenance of high morale among staff members are major objectives of the board. The major duties of the board regarding support staff are to establish wage and salary policies which encourage employees to put forth their best efforts and to provide a good atmosphere in which to work. A program of continuous evaluation is necessary for the board to fulfill its duties.

The board directs the superintendent to develop and implement a program of support staff evaluation. It will be the responsibility of each supervisor to inform the employee in advance of the criteria to be used in the evaluation.

The evaluation system for support staff is designed to measure the level of performance of individual employees and to encourage continued professional development. The evaluation system will not be a contract obligation of the district or a contract right of the employee. It is not intended to create, nor will it be construed to create, an expectation or assurance of continued employment. Neither the substance nor the content of the evaluation will be subject to the grievance process.