employee forms and resources

Employee Leave Form

Universal Name/Address Change Form

Employee Transfer Form



W-4 Form State

W-4 Form Federal

Request for Overtime

Equal Employment Opportunity

Employee Rights Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Your Rights Under USERRA

LLR Required Workplace Announcement

Check Certification Status – S.C. Department of Education

Certificate Renewal Matrix

Annual Professional Growth Log – 1

Technology Proficiency Form

S.C. Department of Education Certification Forms

Project CREATE – Special Education Certification

Alternative Certification

Powerpoint Video: 2016-17 Expanded ADEPT Guidance

Educator Evaluation Guidance by Contract Level

S.C. Department of Education Educator Effectiveness Communications

SAFE-T Guide for Teachers and Evaluators

SLO Guidebook

ADEPT Performance Standards for Classroom-Based Teachers

ADEPT Performance Standards and Key Elements for Classroom-Based Teachers

ADEPT for Library Media Specialists

ADEPT for Guidance Counselors

ADEPT for Speech Therapists

FAQs on Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

Overview Graphic of Educator Evaluation

Student Learning Objectives – Approval Conference

Student Learning Objectives – Mid-Course Conference

Student Learning Objectives – Summative Conference

Student Learning Objectives Training –SLO Self-Guided Online Training   (Be sure to view this training as a slideshow in PowerPoint)

Student Learning Objectives Training – SLO Self-Guided Online Training Materials (to accompany the SLO Self-Guided Online Training PowerPoint)

2nd Grade ELA

3rd – 5th Grade Special Education ELA

5th Grade Gifted ELA

5th Grade Math Intervention

5th Grade Special Education

7th grade Physical Education

9th Grade Agriculture

SLO Form A (for Induction, Annual Formal, and Annual Diagnostic Teachers

SLO Form B (for GBE and Recertification Teachers)

Teacher Template 2 (TT2) – Unit Work Sample

Teacher Template 3 (TT3) – Reflection on Instruction and Student Learning

Teacher Template 4 (TT4) – Professional Self-Assessment

FMLA Fact Sheet

FMLA Compliance Announcement

Request for Transfer of Accrued Sick Leave

Leave Form

Worker’s Compensation Compliance Announcement

Job Safety and Health

PEBA Insurance Forms

Order a Replacement Insurance Card

Insurance Resources

Retirement Benefits

2016 Insurance Benefits Guide

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Homes for Heroes

South Carolina Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Rural District Undergraduate Loan Forgiveness Program Packet