employee forms and resources


Universal Name/Address Change Form

Employee Transfer Form



IRS Form W-4

Equal Employment Opportunity

Employee Rights Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Your Rights Under USERRA

LLR Required Workplace Announcement

Check Certification Status – S.C. Department of Education

Certificate Renewal Matrix

Annual Professional Growth Log

Technology Proficiency Form

S.C. Department of Education Certification Forms

Project CREATE – Special Education Certification

Alternative Certification

Powerpoint Video: 2016-17 Expanded ADEPT Guidance

Educator Evaluation Guidance by Contract Level

S.C. Department of Education Educator Effectiveness Communications

SAFE-T Guide for Teachers and Evaluators

SLO Guidebook

ADEPT Performance Standards for Classroom-Based Teachers

ADEPT Performance Standards and Key Elements for Classroom-Based Teachers

ADEPT for Library Media Specialists

ADEPT for Guidance Counselors

ADEPT for Speech Therapists

FAQs on Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

Overview Graphic of Educator Evaluation

Student Learning Objectives – Approval Conference

Student Learning Objectives – Mid-Course Conference

Student Learning Objectives – Summative Conference

Student Learning Objectives Training –SLO Self-Guided Online Training   (Be sure to view this training as a slideshow in PowerPoint)

Student Learning Objectives Training – SLO Self-Guided Online Training Materials (to accompany the SLO Self-Guided Online Training PowerPoint)

2nd Grade ELA

3rd – 5th Grade Special Education ELA

5th Grade Gifted ELA

5th Grade Math Intervention

5th Grade Special Education

7th grade Physical Education

9th Grade Agriculture

SLO Form A (for Induction, Annual Formal, and Annual Diagnostic Teachers

SLO Form B (for GBE and Recertification Teachers)

Teacher Template 2 (TT2) – Unit Work Sample

Teacher Template 3 (TT3) – Reflection on Instruction and Student Learning

Teacher Template 4 (TT4) – Professional Self-Assessment

FMLA Fact Sheet

FMLA Compliance Announcement

District Leave/Absence Form

Worker’s Compensation Compliance Announcement

Job Safety and Health

PEBA Insurance Forms

Order a Replacement Insurance Card

Insurance Resources

Retirement Benefits

2016 Insurance Benefits Guide

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Homes for Heroes

South Carolina Teacher Loan Forgiveness